Thanks, InTents readers and POR family!

In 2018, you not only nominated us as the Best Rental Software for the industry, but you made us the InTents Reader’s Choice for the category.

And this year you did it again. We’re proud to be a part of such a supportive, innovative, caring crew and we’re happy y’all appreciate our team’s work to ensure you’re getting the best rental software experience possible.

Special thanks to the people that volunteered to be quoted:

“The ownership of the company and the people behind them are always trying to improve the system, which really makes our life easier. Since buying the software in 2013, we’ve added Contract Fulfillment, we’ve added purchase orders, we’ve added Dispatch Center . . . everything we do, it just makes our life easier, the more we integrate as one system.”

— Brandon Ahlgren, Elite Events & Rentals

“[Point of Rental] is really easy to use, but my most favourite part is the support staff. If we’re not able to resolve an issue ourselves, they’re always there to help us through it.”

— Nazli Rahman, Bravo Location Rentals

And thanks to Cindy for mentioning us in the Customer Service category as well!

“I cannot tell you how pleased we are by our move to Point of Rental. Our customer service choice is because of Jamie Singleton. Always eager to help, always kind and supportive.”

—Cindy Sower, Sun Valley Equipment Rentals

If you’d like to see the rest of the list, here’s the full story on InTents.