Prime Time Party Rental was created as a side business to owner Bart Nye’s tool rental store back in 1997. Within a few years, he and his team dedicated the entire business to party rental and by 2002, they were a full-service rental company. Since a 2006 fire that burned the business to the ground, Prime Time has risen from the ashes, expanding operations to cover the Cincinnati and Columbus markets. They now operate a design center and a showroom and serve the entire Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area.


A devastating fire hit Prime Time Party Rental in November of 2006. In the middle of the night, the fire broke out in the warehouse and consumed nearly all their inventory, along with the building itself. Prime Time’s President Bart Nye wanted to build anew, and he decided that when he rebuilt his business, he wanted to do it starting with the right software for his company’s future.


Bart and his team implemented Point of Rental Software in December. They had us up and going within 30 days without having any of our information,” said Bart. “So, in a crisis situation, they came through for us.”


Prime Time has continued to grow, using Point of Rental to manage each aspect of their business. They famously have an impressive RFID setup, which relies on area scanners to scan linens in as they’re returned. 

“You can make the system do whatever you want it to do, and drill it down further than any other system we’ve ever seen,” Bart said. “There’s a lot of bells and whistles in there to help you save money and help you make money.”

He’s also appreciated the partnership he’s had with the team at Point of Rental – especially the 24/7 customer service.

“Those guys really take care of you when you have a problem,” said Bart. “They don’t let you down, they figure it out and they help you get your problem straightened around.”

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