Managing Multiple Locations with Rental Guys And Point of Rental Software

With 11 locations throughout Northern California and Nevada, Rental Guys has a lot of equipment to track. That can be especially challenging as it goes from location to location.

Fortunately, Point of Rental makes it seamless with its transfer tool and item availability that allows for searches across multiple locations. As Rental Guys makes a push toward paperlessness, Point of Rental’s tools like eSign and CounterSign have helped.

He advises others looking for software to think of it as an investment into the software company: Where will they be in five years? Find out why Avery thinks Point of Rental is investing wisely at the end of the video, then try a demo for yourself by filling out the form below.

Video Transcript

 So when we implemented Point of Rental, I was four years old.

My name’s Avery DuBose with Rental Guys. We have 11 locations and I’m the vice president of the company.

Having 11 locations, the software allows us to track our assets a lot easier and more efficiently. We do a lot of transfers between branches. Our assets don’t have home locations, so they’re fluid. They move all throughout the locations and. That can be really hard to track sometimes, but it’s made pretty seamless in the software.

There’s a bunch of other features, but I would say the transfer feature is very helpful. Item availability is very seamless where you can click the all stores button and see exactly which store has that machine available for which day of the week. And then you can even break it down to the time slot column and see which hours of the day it’s going to be available and managing a lot of items in a category through a bunch of different branches – the process is very easy.

We’ve made a huge push to go paperless in the past three years. We started in 2019 before COVID and then during COVID we really made a bigger emphasis on going paperless. The countersign module has been super helpful. And the e- sign module has been helpful as well. And doing the volume of contracts that we do, whenever there’s a dispute or there’s any sort of record keeping that needs to be done, it’s so much more efficient to go into and just pull any level of modification of the contract that you want through the operation edit tab. It’s a lot more time effective and who wants to store a bunch of paper? Point of Rental gives you a bunch of different ways of analyzing data, whether you’re looking at ROI on a machine, a repair cost on a machine versus income, it’s super easy to crunch numbers and make informed business decisions with all the modules that are offered through the software.

When you’re looking for a software provider, you have to think of it as an investment, not only in your business, but as an investment in the provider that you’re going to choose.

And you have to think, in five to ten years, if I’m still with this provider, this amount of money that I’m spending with them every single year for the service they’re providing, What are they doing with that money, and how are they advancing their technology and staying to be, or trying to be an industry leader?

And with Point of Rental, there’s no question that they’re the largest software provider in rental. There’s always new modules, there’s always new features, there’s always new innovation. They’re a great investment.

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