One app to rule them all.

Point of Rental One gives you one place to connect with your team, speed up your processes, and access your software’s mobile features.
Another app? We know; your home page is already full. That’s why we’ve simplified our myriad mobile offerings into Point of Rental One. Bring your drivers, your operators, your back lot – get them all into one app so they can see what’s happening now and what’s happening next.

Why Use Point of Rental One?

Single Sign-On

No need to log into/out of your various Point of Rental apps – they’re all in one place, with one sign-on, for easy accessibility.

Access Info

Search for and access contract, item, and customer details, create workflows against contracts, and know everything you need to know. Anywhere.


Message within the app or within Point of Rental’s dashboard for quick updates or conversations with your teammates.

Connect with POR

Generate support requests and make uInnovate suggestions directly from the app. Now you have an immediate connection to the POR team!

Handle Key Workflows

Workflows are tasks with subtasks that you can assign to users to be completed. They streamline operations, synchronize efforts, and automate tasks across your business.

Labor Tracking

Technicians can log time spent on a repair or work order contract. Logged time is easily converted to billable labor hours or can determine organization costs.

Inventory Count

Take stock more easily – assign lists of physical items in POR One to individual users and locations to be checked against what’s currently recorded.

Customer Pickup

When a customer takes an item, you can run through your checklist, document item condition, and collect their signature accepting the item in its condition.

Customer Drop-Off

This workflow helps you document all the processes your company may go through to check over your inventory as it’s returned to the organization.

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