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Put the power of Point of Rental in the palm of your hand! The Point of Rental One app gives you access to your customers, inventory, reservations, quotes, contracts, and invoices on your mobile device.

What Can You Do with One?

Log Work Orders

Your maintenance team’s time is worth a lot of money; make sure you’re billing accurately by logging technician time spent servicing items. You can track maintenance costs on your own items, too, to more accurately calculate your ROI.

Check Items In & Out

Log meter readings, verify safety requirements, etc. – ensure every item is ready for giving to a customer and ensure you get everything back, every time.
Notes sections allow for more detailed descriptions of any potential issues or additional comments to be recorded.
Take customer signatures to ensure everyone’s verified the checklist was completed and approved.
Cache checklists and work through them even in places with no internet or reception. We’ll update your system when you regain coverage.



Whether you’re on a job site or at will call, One uses your phone’s camera to take and attach condition photos to contracts as items go out or get returned. With geo- and time-stamped before and after images, you’re likely to win any damage disputes.

One works the way you do:

In the dark


In the light

Count Inventory

Take inventory quickly and easily with barcode scanning and search functionality. Speed up your cycle counting and have immediate, accurate records of what you have on-hand.

Arrive On Time

Drivers see their routes for the day, map their trips with the most efficient routes, and alert dispatchers and customers to when they’ll arrive at the next stop.

Communicate Better

Keep your business conversations within one platform; our messaging solution connects app users to those using Elite’s dashboard to keep everyone in the loop, quickly. You can even attach links to contracts, photos, and videos, ensuring the right message gets through.

What Are Users Saying?

“The yard guys will love it. The delivery drivers will love it. And for the smaller stores where one or two guys are doing everything, it allows them to carry the computer with them while in the yard. [Point of Rental One] is a wise investment.”
– Doug Haas, Crown Rental
“Point of Rental One is streamlined and very easy to use; it’s an extremely powerful information-sharing and internal communication tool. The mobile-friendly platform gives all of our team members visibility and we’d recommend it to anyone using (or who may use) Point of Rental.”
– Trey Calloway, SitePro Rentals

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