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Why Essentials?

Essentials is cloud-based, scalable, no-fuss rental software backed by Point of Rental’s 35+ years of industry expertise. New and seasonal rental companies love the flexible pricing options, strong feature set, and frequent updates without needing their own server. Large companies love Essentials’ flexibility, easy setup, and how easy it is for employees to understand. Either way, it handles rental basics with aplomb.

Track Inventory

Fast Reservations

Smart Decisions

Easy Accounting

Manage Schedules

Caring Support

Find Your Stuff

Keeping tabs on all of your inventory is hard, especially when it’s constantly on rent, in the maintenance yard, or prepped and ready to rent. Essentials’ inventory tracking makes it easier to track what you have, no matter where it is.

Close Deals Quickly

Everyone likes an easy checkout process. With Essentials, you can create a contract with a new customer within 60 seconds. It takes even less time with repeat customers because the system stores basic customer information.

Build Intelligently

With nearly 100 reports available, Essentials lets you see what’s important to you. With robust data stored in the system, you can see trends, identify your most valuable products, and make inventory decisions that will put you on the path to greater profit.

  • Inventory reports show you utilization, maintenance due, damage, inventory losses, etc.
  • General reports show ROI, inactive inventory items, and income by day, stock, and category.
  • Transaction reports help you pull picklists, see daily deliveries, manage subrentals, and more.
  • Accounting reports send ledger entries to your accounting software or provide daily totals.

Balance Your Books

What’s just as important as tracking your inventory? Tracking your money. Essentials tracks your revenue and empowers you to go beyond just collecting payments at the register with invoicing and metered billing capabilities.

Plan Your Week

You know that Essentials stores the information you’ll need to make great long-term decisions, but it also makes it easy to plan your day-to-day schedule by arranging upcoming contracts beautifully on one screen.


We all get by with a little help from our friends. Essentials integrates with the apps you’re already using, minimizing your learning curve.

Credit Card Processing

Accounting Solutions

Barcode Scanning

Zapier Intergrations

Revolutionizing the Industry

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What Else Do We Have to Offer?


Each fall, we welcome 200+ rental experts to Ft. Worth to network, learn, and influence Point of Rental.


Our employee-led charitable group spends time, money, and resources to make an impact in our communities.


Our EPIC customers tell their stories and we recognize what they do for their communities.


We’re a part of industry associations and continue to pursue innovation awards because we care about rental.

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Kitting Tools

Often, items get rented together. In the event industry, it’s often with canvases, poles, and stakes, which are rented out as tents. Unserialized kits allow you to manage components with ease, setting up kits on the back end to create front-end items. You’ll also be able to add suggested items for upselling opportunities.

Track Maintenence

Equipment breakdowns are not only costly to repair, but can do irreparable harm to your business if they occur at the wrong time. Essentials makes it easy to track when time- or meter-based preventive maintenance is required. It also stores maintenance logs for your equipment along with any notes you add.

Condition Photos

Eliminate disputes over who caused what damage with condition photos. Take photos of your items when they’re delivered and when they’re picked up or returned. With each entry being timestamped, you’ll be able to pinpoint where in the process your equipment was damaged.


If you have to deal with the occasional customer rush, Kiosk is able to help you manage the line and keep everyone progressing toward their rental. They’ll be able to enter their customer information and choose products to rent before they even get to the counter.

Easy Counter Contracts

Since contracts are an integral part of your daily work, we thought they ought to be as easy as possible to create and edit. From being able to enter customer information via driver’s license scan to additional and suggested items, you can make it easy for your counter staff to ensure a customer has everything they need to succeed.

Sign Online

Go paperless at the front counter and save your staff the trouble of filing and finding signatures on old contracts. Rental eSign allows you to collect secure signatures instantly via tablet at your counter or from anywhere via email. Signatures are stored in Essentials and attached to the relevant contract for easy retrieval in the future.

Online Store

Keep your business open 24/7 without the overhead with Essentials’ online store feature. It integrates with Essentials’ inventory tracking to ensure reserved items are available when requested. The store is optimized for mobile use and includes overbooking capabilities.

Automatic Billing/Invoicing

Don’t waste your time looking through files and hoping you remember to bill customers with long-term rentals accurately. Set billing intervals that work for your business and generate invoices according to your schedule. You’ll be able to automatically bill until all items are received and even extend the contract due date with each billing.

Metered Tracking & Billing

Enter the meter reading when your equipment goes out; enter it when it comes back. Essentials does all the calculating for you, including any overage fees, based on your settings within the system.