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Wayne Harris, CEO of Point of Rental Software, shares his vision on how the company’s rental management software helps the customer with rental & inventory management. Rental stores growing their business by 50% won’t need to add more employees to handle this growth, due to the streamlining that Point of Rental Software provides.

Prime Time Party Rental likes having a great partner like Point of Rental Software. In a crisis situation after Prime Time Party Rental's business burned to the ground, Point of Rental software had their inventory transferred and up and running in 30 days without having any of their information. 

Lift Works, Inc, an aerial lift company, utilizes Point of Rental Software all day long, every day in every department including sales, truck drivers, mechanics and customer service. 

Flexx Productions had been looking for rental and inventory management software for months. They selected Point of Rental Software to be the heart of their business. It has helped grow the business over the years with rich features including, business analytics, contract fulfillment, data management, dispatch center, fixed assets, and purchase order. 

Since working with Point of Rental Software, The Tool Store saved over 80 hours a month, allowing them to continue to grow their business. Point of Rental’s customer service has been a testament of what they want to provide for their customers and The Tool Store couldn’t ask for more.

Star Rentals has merely seen the tip of the iceberg as for how updated technology can enhance their overall business. However, the key issues they faced regarding customer communication has been resolved. “Since working with Point of Rental Software, the ability to have all of our customers get emails on a regular basis was incredible. We didn’t have to do anything but get an email address and push a button and it happens."

“Every facet of the transition has gone unbelievably smooth,” Scarce reported. “Their staff is very knowledgeable. They are from the industry; they know the industry.”  - Camden Hire

The Barricade Company selected Point of Rental Software and increased their efficiency renting within the trench shoring industry.

Aide Rentals & Sales' Terry Trusgnich loves the ease of use of Point of Rental and the fact that he knows that the software will be able to handle the business no matter how big his business grows.

Construction Rental Inc.'s Marynell Popst loves Point of Rental's Day at a Glance feature, its reporting, and its all-around service excellence.

Peoria Rentals' Brad Kniep started off his rental business with Point of Rental and has been happy with his decision ever since.

Durante Rentals' John Durante was happy with how he was able to maintain most of his data while migrating to Point of Rental Elite.

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