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ABC Rental

“I was really surprised working with Point of Rental. I thought because I was a small business in a small town in Mississippi that I wouldn’t treat be treated like a big company, but it’s not like that. Point of Rental will take your thoughts, your story, your inventory, and will make you a first class product.”

-David Delk (Owner)

Party Time Rentals

“When we get into our busy seasons, it’s just so vital to be able to know where everything is. And Point of Rental really makes it easy to figure out what’s coming in what’s going out. I think that’s absolutely the best.”

-Dawn Lovell (Owner)

A to Z Equipment Rentals

“On the old system even changing rates would take about a half an hour. I changed some rates [earlier today], and it took 10 seconds… This system, both on the screen and on the contracts is very clear and very simple to understand.”

-Vicki Dickerson (Owner)

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“I feel like Point of Rental is always seeking new ways to stay a step ahead of the industry. They are always open to feedback and new ideas! Their staff is amazing and they care about getting our problems solved.”

Lift Works

– Melissa Christensen

“Point of Rental will answer the phone anytime of the day or night with their own employees to help with any problems you might have. Not only are there a million reports we can run, but the system is also very easy to use and to train people to use.”

Taylor Rental Garland

– Walter Burke


“I regret not making the switch 10 years earlier. Point of Rental is rental-specific and they have made our process very seamless. THE best in the industry!”

Northeast Georgia Rentals

– Brian English


“We could not run our business efficiently without all of the integral products that are included in Point of Rental. All of these products combine to create THE singular solution for our rental business.”

Special Occasions


– Kyle Tegner

“We LOVE Point of Rental. Their customer service team is incredibly helpful and friendly. Calling them is never a chore”

George's Tool Rental


– Heather Wismer

“They always have someone there that will help you! The NetHelp is also pretty cool. It has step-by-step directions for anything you search!”

Action Equipment


– Sarah Wheeler

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