Celebrating the newest member of the Point of Rental family.

PartyCAD Joins the Point of Rental Family

As you may have read, Point of Rental has acquired PartyCAD software. We’re honored to be trusted with the software’s legacy and excited about the opportunity to build on Hank Hufnagel’s work.

Our team is excited to get to work modernizing the software and making it available on new platforms, as well as providing service for customers that have fallen in love with the original software.

If you’re a current PartyCAD customer, welcome to the Point of Rental family. Subscribe now to receive updates about what we’re doing with the software.


PartyCAD’s creator and owner, Hank Hufnagel, passed away on June 28, 2018. Because he loved the software and the relationships he’d built within the industry, he “never could bring himself to part with PartyCAD,” but he left his son, Pete, with Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris’s business card in a folder titled “Selling the Business.” Given our history in rental and our respect for Hank and the software, we jumped at the opportunity to provide a more complete software for our party and event rental customers.

We’re still early in the stages of checking out the code and figuring out exactly what we’ll be adding from here. We know we intend to modernize the software, implement web-based functionality, integrate it into our other software products, and build from there, but we don’t have a timeline or schedule yet. In the meantime, you’ll be able to continue using the same great software you know and love.

Point of Rental’s support team is made up of rental experts! We’ll provide round-the-clock email support for you, just like Hank would’ve. Of course, we’ll also maintain Hank’s extensive video tutorial library, so you can still use those if you need answers immediately. As we develop PartyCAD, we’ll also produce new documentation to ensure you’re able to use it properly.

Surprise! Now you are a Point of Rental customer. Feels good, right?  Secondly, yes, you will still be able to use PartyCAD, even if you are using another rental software to manage the rest of your business. (If you decide you’d like to use our popular rental management software options, you can get more information by requesting a demo.)

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