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Mr Plant Hire logo on a heavy equipment background
Mr Plant Hire

Often, the only time you really dive deep into how you have your software and your processes set up is when you’re implementing some...

Bercon Rentals logo with a blurred-out scissor lift in the background.
Bercon Rentals

Background Bercon Rentals was founded in 2016 by the Beraldo family, who had been in the equipment rental industry since 1975 before selling their original business. Bercon, short for Beraldo Construction, has two locations in Ontario, Canada, providing aerial equipment and other equipment rentals in the region. Problem The Bercon team had a standing on-site […]

Total Rental logo in front of a faded background
Total Rental

Total Rental’s previous software was built to handle rental as it was - it was unable to work easily with a lot of the other software that...