Over 500 years of combined staff rental experience.
Over 4700+ systems installed around the world.
And we're just getting started.

Rental is Our DNA


In 1983, a team of NASA employees opened a rental store in Texas. True story.

Existing rental technology was clunky, slow, and too unreliable for the new business owners who had previously worked on software for the lunar landing. Thus, Point of Rental was born. Behind the counter of that single-location rental operation, real rental experience and rocket science was combined in an intuitive software designed to meet the needs of their growing business. Technology has changed greatly since we sold our first system in 1984 but the core values that drive us haven't. We've grown rapidly since then and we currently employ over 100 team members who provide award-winning software and service to thousands of companies around the world.

Rental insight is not only in the DNA of our software, it’s the language we speak.


Core Values

At Point of Rental, we hire employees and conduct business in a way that always points back to our core values.



We equip our teammates, customers, and communities to reach their full potential. We foster confident autonomy to resolve issues and discover new ideas by investing in continuing education, promoting an atmosphere of open questioning and active listening, and defining a wide boundary of trust.



We are committed to creating an environment of authenticity, honesty, and openness. Our actions demonstrate conviction and purposeful intention in the way we interact with our teammates, customers, and communities.



We are trailblazers, committed to constant innovation in everything we do for our team, our customers, and our communities. We relentlessly strive to identify opportunities and surmount future challenges to ensure success.



We authentically care about our team and focus on supporting and mentoring them to be their best. By empowering and encouraging each other to serve in the same way, we are a positive influence on our families, customers, and communities.

Giving Back

From giving to local charities, to installing an IT infrastructure and classroom of iPads for a school of underprivileged children in Guatemala, Point of Rental is committed to giving back to our communities locally and around the world.

The Talent Behind Our Great Software

The Point of Rental team is a diverse group who are committed to helping rental companies operate more efficiently. In fact many of our employees come from a rental store background.

We are always looking for smart, talented individuals to join our team. Learn more about working at Point of Rental Software or apply for a job today.


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