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About the Conference

Due to the coronavirus and its effects on the rental industry, it didn’t feel right to spend our summer asking people to register for our 2020 International Conference, especially as so many people’s revenues have taken a hit. We want you to focus on what’s important to you.

So this year’s International Conference will be moved to 2021.

But what about 2020? The most important part of the conference, for us, is the time we spend with you. It’s helping you create more efficient processes, helping you network with one another, and giving you a few days outside your office to focus on improvement.

So we’re going to do the best we can to help this year, too. Here’s our plan for Nov. 2-5:

  • We’ll volunteer our time to create useful content for you to develop your team.
  • We’ll create opportunities for us to work together to benefit our communities, worldwide.
  • We’ll spend time together, virtually.
  • We’ll use this additional time to plan and make the 2021 International Conference the best one to date.

Keep checking this page for updates, or simply register below to receive emails as we have conference-related news:

Video Courses, Webinars & More

Everyone’s role is just a little bit different in a rental company. We’ll provide a series of training videos designed to benefit your team, from counter staff to dispatch to accounting to your mobile teams and more to kick off the conference; a kind of a beta test for training videos to be used within the software.


And while those will be available on-demand, we’ll also bring live webinars, industry panels, focus groups, and roundtable discussions to ensure we’re all connected and getting to share approaches and ideas that will help us all be more successful.


Before the conference starts, we’re opening up a Facebook Group for International Conference attendees worldwide. Let’s share successes, strategies, and help each other grow.


Rental has always been about the communities it serves. We’re a part of the big events, the construction, the activities…anywhere community is being built, you’ll find the local rental store. 

The Point of Rental team is going to be volunteering worldwide from the 2nd-5th and sharing video of what we’re doing. We hope you’ll join us and share your service using the hashtag #EPIC2020.

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