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Découvrez comment des entreprises du monde entier travaillent avec Point of Rental pour mettre en place des processus de location plus rapides et plus efficaces et pour établir de meilleures relations avec leurs clients.

ABC Rental

«I was really surprised working with Point of Rental. I thought because I was a small business in a small town in Mississippi that I wouldn’t treat be treated like a big company, but it’s not like that. Point of Rental will take your thoughts, your story, your inventory, and will make you a first class product.»

-David Delk (Owner)

Elite Events & Rentals

«We were maybe serving a couple hundred customers a year, and when we jumped over to Point of Rental, we were able to keep track of our inventory, quotes, invoicing, and customers, which gave us the opportunity to do more and now we serve over 4,000 customers a year.»

-Brandon Ahlgren, owner

American Rental

«[Point of Rental enables us to] allow customers to book online…if they complete the e-sign and pay online, they’re welcome to skip the line and go straight through the drive-thru. A lot of customers do; the last thing they want to do is stand around and sign paperwork.»

-Brad Kniep, owner

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«We are thoroughly enjoying the program and really appreciate the support we have received and are still getting.»

Queensland Rigging Hire
– Claire Wairama

«All of the customer and tech support have been unbelievably helpful to me and my team.»

Location Equipment Leasing, LLC

– Sierra Elkazzaz


«I regret not making the switch 10 years earlier. Point of Rental is rental-specific and they have made our process very seamless. THE best in the industry!»

Northeast Georgia Rentals

– Brian English


«We could not run our business efficiently without all of the integral products that are included in Point of Rental. All of these products combine to create THE singular solution for our rental business.»


Special Occasions

– Kyle Tegner

«With Point of Rental, there’s no question…there’s always new modules, there’s always new features, there’s always new innovation. They’re a great investment.»


Rental Guys
– Avery DuBose

«I trust Point of Rental enough that I allow my other employees to do the calling in now, and it doesn’t have to be me all the time. And they get the best support.»


MK Equipment
– Michelle Nelson

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