MK Equipment Sets Their Team Up for Success With Point of Rental

MK Equipment left their inventory software behind and added Point of Rental several years ago, which made a big difference in their rental operations. When Michelle Nelson joined the team and began to implement more of the modules, though – that’s when things really started to get better.

Customizable user permissions help ensure the right people are accessing the right parts of the software, limiting the potential for errors or abuse. And keeping people in the right places means you don’t need to worry about a software-related or data-entry catastrophe. Find out how Point of Rental can help your business by filling out the form below.

Video Transcript

My father switched over to Point of Rental before I started. They were with another company, and it was great for inventory, but that’s pretty much all it did. The functionality didn’t allow for even partial day rentals, and it was very limited.

When he switched over to Point of Rental, he was very excited that it could do a lot more. When I started, I was the first to open up some of the modules, even things like adding in purchase prices correctly. And then we got the PO module, which was a game changer for us and started to use IMOs, IROs – it was amazing. So there was all this functionality and we didn’t know that we had it. And it’s just been incredible for us.

In my position, it’s too difficult for me to look over everyone’s shoulder, so what I love are the security features and being able to know that the wrong people can’t touch or delete or modify certain kinds of documents, like contracts and customer files, so that’s been really great.

Another thing is being able to go virtual, so I have been looking at Elite this whole conference, and I love the functionality. Possibly being able to work from home and not have to be in the office as much as I am now.

Thankfully, I trust Point of Rental enough that I allow my other employees to do the calling in now, and it doesn’t have to be me all the time. And they get the best support. I feel that when I need to be involved, I’m involved. And when I don’t, I don’t. So, support has greatly improved in the last, I think, even just several years. And that’s been really comforting to know that I don’t have to be on every single call.

I love Point of Rental, and I’m not planning to switch anytime soon, except to upgrade to Elite.

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