Internal Rentals with Concrete Strategies

Concrete Strategies isn’t a traditional rental outlet; they use Point of Rental to “rent” items out internally, avoiding the need to subrent or have each business entity handle their own rentals.

Because their previous software system was slow and inaccurate, their sub-units would often need to go outside the company to rent items, which had a knock-on effect on their accounting as well. If you need to track inventory that goes out (and comes back) across multiple business units, Point of Rental has a solution for you; fill out the form below to find which one will work best for you.

Video Transcript

So the previous software we had was, it was a much older software, and it tended to cause a lot of issues, especially with speed and our ability to access things when we needed to access them.

My name is Samantha. I work with Concrete Strategies. We’ve used Point of Rental now for… going on three years? Yeah, three years now. I personally do a lot of the accounting side of the software, but I work directly with our dispatch as well as our equipment management team to… really help tie everything together.

All of our stuff is internal, so our job sites, our customers, are our jobs, and so it, from the beginning to the end, it affected everybody. We wouldn’t be able to access our inventory, therefore, our customers, which are our job sites, wouldn’t be able to order the inventory we have, so they’d have to go to other companies, so essentially subrenting, which we try to avoid at all costs possible. But, because of that, it trickled all the way down and then it affected our accounting software, and it was really a pain in every aspect of essentially our entire company.

We chose Point of Rental strictly from hearing about it. We called a lot of other rental companies that were around us and asked for recommendations. What they used, what they liked, what they had used, things that they were looking for versus what we were looking for to kind of compare if our company would be able to use Point of Rental.

And after looking at several rental companies, we had probably seen six or seven that we had narrowed it down to, we just looked at all the functionality that Point of Rental had and we had a demo and that really sold us on it. There were a lot more modules, a lot more functionality, it did way more than our old system did.

It was able to tie our accounting with our inventory and all of that; it helped a lot. It’s just about the only thing I can say.

Since we’ve gotten Point of Rental, our processes have gone way smoother. It’s made a huge impact on being able to run our business successfully, smoothly, efficiently, and being able to not only help our business, but also help the businesses that we, therefore, are having our job sites at.

Our implementation went great. Point of Rental was really focused on our issues and what we needed versus just what they were building and hoping people bought it.

Overall, Point of Rental has been amazing for our company; I would definitely recommend Point of Rental.

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