Expedition Rentals provides both construction equipment and all-terrain vehicles for the oil & gas industry around Edmonton, Alberta. For commercial customers, they offer skid steers, light towers, generators, along with vehicles like argos, snowmobiles, quads, and UTVs. 


Richard Wharmby and his team were using an accounting package that had rental management as kind of an add-on, and it left a lot to be desired in the way it handled rental. They needed dedicated rental software to direct their processes and manage their fleet properly.


Their needs led them to Point of Rental – a team of trainers joined them in summer of 2013 at their location in Edmonton to help them implement the software and migrate their data.

“It was as seamless as moving from one platform to another could be,” said Richard. “We were pleased at the end.”


Expedition Rentals has been using Point of Rental to run their business since. 

According to Richard, the switch has helped them eliminate many customer complaints, especially with their invoicing and accounts receivable processes. It’s also provided better fleet tracking – they’re better able to track when equipment is on rent, in maintenance, or ready to rent. But his favorite thing about Point of Rental is the ability to get everything he does in one system:

“It envelopes my whole process for my rental store. From beginning to end, it’s involved in all of it, it keeps track of it, it’s a smooth process,” Richard said.

He also appreciates the 24/7 customer support, which helps reassure him that he and his business will never get too far off track. 

“My experience with Point of Rental has been quite pleasant,” said Richard. “Whenever I have an issue or any sort of concern, I can pick up the phone and I can talk to a knowledgeable staff member that can immediately help me out with whatever problem I have.”

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