Rental Solutions, Inc.


Rotating Solutions, Inc.’s rental division, Rental Solutions, Inc., rents industrial equipment to the petrochemical industry. They’re primarily focused on two- and three-stage centrifuge packages, manway cannons, vacuum systems, and diesel pressure washers.


Because RSI operates in a niche industry, they were searching for a versatile, flexible, cloud-based rental software that would accommodate their needs.


When you’re looking for easy-to-use, cloud-based software that works for any industry, you find yourself looking at Essentials. RSI joined the Point of Rental family in 2018.


Essentials handles RSI’s needs with aplomb. Nick Albarado, the company’s rental fleet supervisor, uses it to track utilization and customer jobs, create customer contracts immediately, send digital customer contracts…basically, all the stuff any rental company needs software for.

“I know exactly where equipment is at any point in the day,” said Albarado. “I can run reports on inventory and utilization, which tremendously helps.”

Essentials’ online support site, which provides how-to videos and written instructions, helped reduce the time spent learning the software. Its intuitive setup had RSI able to use it as soon as they decided it was the product for them.

“It’s very user friendly,” said Albarado. “Any company can go and instantly log into this program, punch in your information, and it’s turnkey, day one.”

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