Colorado Party Rentals


Colorado Party Rentals was founded in 2006 by a pair of event industry veterans who wanted to create the finest tent and party rental company in the Denver/Colorado Springs area. They offer 24-hour service along their “front range” and make daily deliveries throughout the Rocky Mountain region, from Nebraska to Nevada and Montana to New Mexico.


Colorado Party Rentals was opening new locations and their previous software wasn’t able to handle inventory tracking at multiple locations accurately. With availability counts questionable, the team couldn’t rely on their software to make reservations they’d consistently be able to deliver on. Without a mobile solution for drivers, they also were relying on paperwork that often got lost, misplaced, or mishandled to get drivers to the right locations in the right order.


The team implemented Rental Expert and Mobile Workforce in 2017. The most difficult part of the transition, according to Regional Manager Alan Hoekman, was figuring out how to best implement all the tools they suddenly had available to them.


The switch to Point of Rental has provided a lot of “peace of mind” for Hoekman and the crew at Colorado Party Rentals.

They’re able to track inventory accurately between stores. They have confidence that the numbers they’re quoting to customers are true and they’ve eliminated a lot of last-second scrambling to find items needed to fill an order.

The implementation of Mobile Workforce has given Colorado Party Rentals the ability to not only cut down on wasted paper and reduce lost paperwork, but to adjust routes on the fly to accommodate last-second changes.

As Hoekman says, paperwork tends to fall into different parts of the truck or fly out a window or get left on a job site; drivers lose their phones far less often.

Colorado Party Rentals continues to grow with Point of Rental, updating their system and adding modules like Contract Fulfillment to get even more insight into their processes and enhance their efficiency. As they continue to evolve, they love that their software is always improving right along with them.

“Too many technology companies decide to be stagnant,” said Hoekman. “With Point of Rental, there always seems to be something changing, updating, or right on the horizon that’s going to make things easier.”

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