Crown Rental has been handling customers’ general rental needs in the south metro area of the Twin Cities in Minnesota since 1989. With three locations, a party rental business, and a service center, there’s a lot happening on any given day for the Crown Rental team.


Crown Rental has been using Point of Rental since 2005, so they don’t really remember what it was like before implementing the entire system. But they do remember the frustration of training people to do inspections in a busy rental shop. Staff would get a checklist and think the checklist applied to every piece of equipment, lose paperwork, etc. and they needed a solution.


Conveniently, in 2017, Point of Rental built Inspection App, which was designed to help standardize inspections by type of equipment. Crown Rental learned about it and became an early adopter of the feature.


Point of Rental and Inspection App work together to handle the challenges Crown Rental faces.

For Mason Toline, who manages the company’s Apple Valley location, the Inspection App has helped most in training new warehouse staff.

“Instead of giving them a piece of paper and they think that [checklist is] the same for everything…they can go through, they can literally check [relevant tasks] off,” said Mason. “We’ve already gone through and we’ve set down the severity of ‘low tire pressure’ or ‘no brake fluid’ and so forth. So if it’s an actual issue and we’re busy, it automatically takes [the item] out of service versus them bringing me a post-it note that says ‘This one, this one, and this one needs this.’ It automatically takes care of it.”

Inspection App builds on Point of Rental’s already easy-to-use functionality. Jeremy Yantes, the store manager at the company’s Burnsville location, loves Point of Rental’s ability to collect accurate data and manage it across multiple locations. It helps Crown Rental maintain accurate inventory counts, enhancing their confidence when quoting equipment or party items’ availability.

On the rare occasion where the Crown Rental team has an issue they need resolved, Point of Rental’s support team is available 24/7. They’re able to call or email; give access to Point of Rental’s techs remotely so they can resolve issues within their system, etc.

All in all, Point of Rental helps Crown Rental manage their staff and inventory more efficiently, especially in their busy season between early spring and late fall.

Jeremy summed up Crown Rental’s experience with Point of Rental quickly:

“It’s easy to work with. Their database management’s easy – all that stuff. It’s a no-brainer.”

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