A PremiAir Hire truck loaded up for deliveries.

Back in 1994, Peter Xiberras was a man with a milk shed, a truck and a box of tools in Sydney’s North Western suburbs who had a vision of starting his own business. Over the years, that business, PremiAir Hire, has expanded to 12 branches along the east coast of Australia. They’ve grown from merely servicing air compressors to providing hire, sales, and service for a large variety of products.


As an expanding national company, PremiAir Hire were facing pressures with communication and coordination across their growing fleet. Their previous solution was cumbersome and inefficient. Additionally, their systems struggled to show different locations’ stock availability, limiting their ability to transfer stock and maximise their hires.


IT Manager Ramzy Bekheet had been through several implementations in other businesses and had been frustrated by enterprise-level companies’ inability to handle issues quickly. In 2006, PremiAir implemented Syrinx to manage their hire operations in part because its team in Australia was able to directly work with his team.


PremiAir experienced increased efficiencies across all branches, and continues to do so, with each new business expansion. The system itself keeps teams updated as statuses change throughout the hire process. With that efficiency, there is better time management, which helps revenue and keeps employees happier, as their jobs are easier to manage.

As the IT Manager, and from previous experience, Ramzy knows how important this is for companies. Ramzy’s favourite part of the Point of Rental experience isn’t all that saved time, though – it’s the human aspect of things. It’s knowing the people he’s working with.

“Having worked in enterprise for the vast majority of my career, it’s normal to send a ticket and hope for the best,” said Ramzy. But when he’s working with Point of Rental, “Mark, Wayne, Ameer, Annalyce, Elle…those are all people that I know, they’re in my phone book. They’re not obfuscating their phone numbers. They are there to help.”

“It helps that Point of Rental knows their stuff too,” Ramzy said.

“Point of Rental has the ability to look at your environment, to listen to what you’re saying, and to execute on the key performance indicators that we’re aiming for. They know what they’re doing, and they get it done quickly. They are an important partner to our business.”

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