An AJM mini-excavator on a trailer with a scissor lift

AJM Hire Co.


AJM Hire Co. was founded in Greenfields, Western Australia by a husband and wife duo, Jack and Amy Mulligan. The couple had dreamt of starting a hire business for many years, but it wasn’t until 2020 that they finally recognised an opportunity as they attempted to move houses at the peak of COVID: It was impossible to find a well-maintained hire trailer with a competitive rate and good customer service. AJM Hire now fills that gap locally, offering trailers and equipment hire to Mandurah and surrounding areas.


Prior to joining Point of Rental Software, AJM Hire was operating their business from a whiteboard and by using pieces of paper. As they grew beyond their original six trailers to 25 trailers and a variety of equipment for hire, it became increasingly difficult to manage their stock, track inventory, and keep track of maintenance. In short, they needed hire software they could trust.


After an enjoyable and thoroughly detailed demo experience, Amy opted to use Point of Rental’s Essentials software. One of Amy’s favourite aspects of the software was the workbench function, which allowed AJM Hire to easily track maintenance across their fleet to ensure everything was up to date.


Life is easier for the Mulligans and AJM Hire since implementing Point of Rental.

All the features are great, like the online storefront that led to an online traffic boom of customers booking their own contracts 24/7 or the aforementioned workbench functionality.

And it’s helped make the process faster when customers come into the store to sign contracts. It’s provided the team with a single location where they can find the data they need to operate their business – they’re no longer struggling to find notes or being worried that someone might’ve erased something on a whiteboard. Better still, there’s a record of damages, maintenance performed, and they can track maintenance history to determine when it’s time to sell a piece of equipment.

But ultimately, Point of Rental provides peace of mind.

Running a busy hire location can cause anyone to forget something every once in a while. Amy appreciates that the software is always there to ensure she’s getting all the information she needs:

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