Inspection App

Great processes drive great results.
Inspection App helps you ensure that your processes are being followed consistently and correctly, each time. They’re trackable, too, keeping your team accountable, accurate, and achieving at a high level.

Why Use Inspection App?

Consistent Processes

Whether the office is busy or slow, Inspection App provides a consistent process that allows you to ensure every item on a checklist is complete before an item returns to service.

Increase Accountability

Because employees log in to complete checklists, you’re able to see who signed off on an inspection, how long it takes to do an average inspection, and more.

Rapid Training

Because you can easily detail the required steps for any process, it’s easy for new employees to get up to speed on how to do anything you ask of them.

Eliminate Paperwork

Digital transcripts of completed checklists are stored in case you’re inspected by government agencies, and you’re never having to chase down papers or worry about printers.

Key Features

Automatic Checklists

Connects to your Expert/Elite software to automatically generate inspection jobs when items are going out on rent or being returned.

Customizable Checklists

Checklists can be created for any process by management, and adjustments in a process are automatically reflected the next time an employee pulls up an inspection.

Assign by Group or Individual

If you’re not sure who’s available on your team, you can assign inspections to a workgroup. Need to make sure a specific person does an inspection? You can assign by individual, too.

Automatic IMO/IRO Generation

When items on an inspection are set as “critical” items, a failed report will automatically generate a repair or maintenance order, as required.

Inspection Logs

Keep track of who completed which inspection on each item, how long it takes, etc. – you’ll identify training opportunities and be thankful for the “paper” trail if there’s ever a liability issue.

Diverse Inspection Options

How do you want to measure inspection success? Use Yes/No, numeric entries, sliding scales, collect photos, etc. to make sure an item is ready.

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