Ideal Rent-All is the descendant of Consumer Rental, which was founded in 1976 as an equipment rental company. As the business expanded to serve nearly every market as well as almost any kind of rental, they realized a name change would better reflect their capabilities. In 2016, they became Ideal Rent-All, a family-owned and locally-operated business in Mt. Vernon, Washington. They offer what northwestern Washingtonians need for weddings, parties, corporate events, carnivals and school events as well as projects ranging from home repairs to home building. They also have scissor lifts, tractors, light towers, general equipment, fence, restroom trailers and more, and are on-call 24/7. 


Like so many now-Point of Rental users, Ideal Rent-All (technically, Consumer Rental, but we’ll use their current name in this case study) was frustrated with a lack of accessibility in their previous rental software. It took too long to get the data they needed to answer customer questions, which impacted their ability to provide excellent customer service. 


In 1997, Ideal Rent-All made the decision to join the Point of Rental family, and haven’t looked back.


Ideal Rent-All has continued to grow with their software. 

“Point of Rental has helped growth in many areas,” said manager Mac Whittlesey. “With time management for employees. With reselling equipment – the information is right there at my fingertips.”

It’s helped as they’ve expanded into new categories, too; they’re able to track work orders, fixed assets, and employee hours. They track equipment outside the office using apps and they’ve integrated their inventory availability with their website, empowering customers.

Point of Rental even helps determine the right time to sell.

When people come in and ask about buying used equipment, Mac said, “I’m able to pull it up, I can see what’s for sale, how much I’ve got into it, and what a profitable number would be to sell that piece of equipment for.”

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