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Formed as a division of the Barretts of Aspley Group in 2014, BOA Plant Hire supplies a wide range of self-operated plant hire, transportation and haulage solutions, tool hire and contract lift services, with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years within the construction industry, supplying a safe, fast, and efficient service.

The company’s range of plant machinery features the latest models from the world’s leading suppliers such as Kubota, Hitachi, and Thwaites, with a growing fleet and future plans for expansion, BOA Plant has a lot of inventory to manage. That’s why they chose Point of Rental to manage their processes of setting priorities, distributing and controlling jobs.


With a large, diverse (and growing) fleet, however, comes new problems, especially on the maintenance side. Improper or lost documentation means wasted time. BOA Plant Hire needed software to streamline their maintenance processes.


Workshop was introduced in 2016, and BOA adopted the software early. They were excited that they could use the same software they depended on in the other aspects of their business and extend it into the maintenance bay.

With the Workshop App, availability and returns processes were very quickly simplified. As the App updates in realtime, this allows all the company’s software users to have a clear picture of the exact status of their inventory at any given time.

When a machine on a client site has been damaged, photos can be taken directly within the App along with any other details required. The subsequent communication with a client is faster and more accurate, enabling BOA to control costs.

Tracking when machinery is due for service is automated, saving large amounts of time that would have been spent on administration. Workshop can also track trends, enabling BOA to spot recurring issues within a machine. Although rare, they value this as a key feature from a safety and cost-saving point of view.


The Workshop App has enabled BOA to be even more proactive for their customers; machinery needed urgently can instantly be moved to the top of an engineer’s repair task list without the need for a phone call.

As far as BOA are concerned, the Workshop App has significantly contributed to the success of their growth. “We would highly recommend it to all companies looking for a simple but powerful way to control their machinery maintenance and repair processes,” said BOA Plant’s Hire Negotiator Tom Crussell.

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