A to Z RentAll/Event Essentials


A to Z RentAll was founded in 1954 on the east side of Madison, Wisc. From its humble beginnings, the company has provided excellent products and service for those needing party and equipment rental items. Eventually, its specialized event division became Event Essentials, located in Windsor, Wisc., just north of Madison, while A to Z serves the area’s equipment and homeowner tool rental needs. Event Essentials provides creative, expert planning, reliable turnkey service and trendsetting, and high-quality products and services.


Data in their previous system was difficult to access and even tougher to analyze, requiring pulling numbers from several locations and uniting them to find something that made sense. The software itself wasn’t particularly intuitive, either, requiring a sizeable amount of training time before new employees could really get to work in the system.

In 2014, GM Greg Goke and Event Essentials turned to Point of Rental for a solution.


Event Essentials has been using Point of Rental ever since, lauding the new software’s ability to let them manage their business the way they’d like.

The in-depth, easy-to-access reporting gives them the information they need to make decisions affecting the future of their company, and the easy-to-use interface ensures they’re able to add new employees that will be able to handle big tasks quickly.

“Point of Rental was super easy to learn,” said Goke. “Since implementing, new employees can be up and running within a day or less.”


Years later, Goke and his team continue to be happy with Point of Rental’s products and the team behind it. As Event Essentials grows, their software is growing with them, accommodating their new needs, offerings, and customers.

Goke attends Point of Rental’s International Conference each year, which helps him see the new features that have been added to his software. He brings the new information back to his team each November and his team continues to implement more features, tricks, and shortcuts that helps their business become more efficient as time goes on.

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