Vellano Shoring


For 70 years and four generations of ownership, Vellano Shoring has evolved into a leader in trench shoring solutions for the Northeastern United States. They serve every contractor and municipality in the Northeastern U.S., including New York and the New England states, providing high-quality products and customer service 24/7.


Vellano Shoring was looking to grow and they needed a software that would accommodate that. The spreadsheets they were using couldn’t provide analytics, reporting, or the in-depth information they needed to make better decisions, and it was resulting in a lot of extra time and labor spent on lengthy processes.


In 2015, President Paul Vellano and the team decided to implement Point of Rental. 

“Installation was incredibly easy,” said Paul. “You guys flew up to upstate New York and we went from scratch to fully-integrated in about three days.”


Since then, Paul and Vellano Shoring have realized numerous benefits, none more apparent than inventory time. 

“I think the first time we did inventory at the end of the year – it used to be a two or three day process for us, and Point of Rental really turned that into a couple-hour process,” Paul said.

It’s also helped the company reorganize their processes and plot out future growth with analytics and reporting. The company is able to identify growth markets and products that they should be stocking more of. All in all, along with his team’s buy-in, it’s united Vellano Shoring for a stronger future.

“Point of Rental completely changed the way we do business and reorganized our structure.”

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