Race Day Events' staff photo; their team standing in front of race equipment like traffic cones and gatorade coolers.

Race Day Events


Race Day Events specializes in running and multisport events. Whether it’s producing their own events or providing equipment and services to other organizations, the company works from their location in Fitchburg, Wisconsin to help produce events nationwide.

The company’s goal is to be one of the leading producers of events from small, community 5K/10K run/walks to multi-day bike rides, triathlons, mud runs, and marathons. They pride themselves on putting participants first and supporting safe, fun courses at every location they serve.


With seven project managers and two warehouse staff working to provide service to events nationwide, Race Day Events needed software that would show them what equipment was committed and where. They’d been organizing via weekly check-ins and it was resulting in overbookings and last-minute scrambling to get equipment set up on-time, so they knew it was time for rental software.


After speaking to another rental company across town who recommended Point of Rental, Race Day Events checked out Point of Rental’s website. As a business with a relatively small staff and large service area, Point of Rental’s cloud-based Essentials product appealed to them. Owner Ryan Griessmeyer was looking for an efficient system that would allow his team to get on the same page, and Essentials offered him and his team everything they were looking for.


The team at Race Day Events quickly found their stride with their new software and continue to get better as they learn more about what it can handle. 

Being able to manage their inventory several weeks in advance has allowed them to plan more efficiently, source subrentals in advance, and reduce their weekly pressure as they produce roughly 400 events each year in addition to their rentals. 

“Overall, the software allows us to communicate efficiently in a fast-moving business with multiple events each weekend and a lot of equipment moving day-to-day,” Griessmeyer said.

The improvement in efficiency and communication has helped save the company time and money by not needing to depend on last-minute solutions and pricing to resolve overbooking issues. It’s reduced stress on their warehouse team and project managers, knowing exactly where their equipment is and where it will be. 

Griessmeyer also appreciates Point of Rental’s support team. “They were able to provide some ideas that allowed us to use the software in the best ways to fit our needs,” he said. “[Essentials] is a foolproof way to manage equipment needs across multiple events and with several project managers.”

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