Trench Shore Rentals and Trebor Shoring Rentals (TSR) is one of the oldest and largest suppliers of underground shoring, trench-cover plate and trench safety equipment in the U.S. Family-owned since its founding in 1962, the company has yards in Arizona, California and Texas. They boast one of the newest, most up-to-date inventories of underground shoring equipment in the western U.S. and are able to deliver and set up shoring equipment.


Trench Shore Rentals, like most trench shoring companies, deals with customers that are renting equipment for a long period of time with quantities that are constantly changing. Previous software required cumbersome processes for dealing with contract changes or retrieving data.


Way back in 2004, TSR realized they needed a rental software designed by rental people to alleviate the issues they were facing. They opted to implement Point of Rental. It provided the ability to modify contracts and came with Point of Rental’s caring, knowledgeable support team, so the occasional issues have been resolved quickly.


The team at Trench Shore Rentals has been enjoying a more efficient contract (and contract modification) process ever since, especially on the front lines. At the Phoenix branch, a pair of inside sales coordinators praised the system’s ease of use and its ability to make their day-to-day lives easier.

“Point of Rental is very user-friendly,” said Johanna Vazquez. “I’ve dealt with other softwares in the past, but Point of Rental seems to be the easiest.”

“It helps me organize my day a lot better,” added Catherine Wallace.

Even 15+ years into their Point of Rental experience, the team at Trench Shore Rentals is excited about what they get from their software.

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