PDQ Rentals was established in 1952, starting with a few lawnmowers, trucks, and trailers. It’s since grown to over 1500 pieces worth more than $50,000,000, a 175-person staff, and serves a large Southern California footprint. PDQ Rentals has been using Point of Rental since 2002 and been a part of the RER 100 largest equipment rental companies in America for about as long. In recent years, PDQ Rentals has added two locations: Sun Valley (2013) and Corona (2017). The company takes pride in their fleet being current, updated, and in compliance with California’s stringent environment and safety regulations.


Having a rapidly growing business and fleet can make it difficult to keep track of inventory, and PDQ was fighting that issue as well. In this case, specifically, PDQ was missing a Bobcat.


Using Point of Rental, Assistant Manager Tim Parsons was able to dive into the Bobcat’s history. He traced it to a warranty repair at a local dealership from before he arrived. Because of the thorough documentation, he continued asking them to search for it on the lot when the dealer suggested it was unlikely that they’d had the Bobcat for so long. After searching the lot, the Bobcat was located and returned to PDQ so it could continue generating revenue.


PDQ continues to rely on Point of Rental and its advanced reporting to ensure that they’re on top of their equipment. Since the Bobcat incident, Parsons frequently checks the Inactive Items Report to identify items that may be missing and those that should be sold instead of occupying lot space.

But Point of Rental’s value extends well beyond finding missing equipment. PDQ uses it to dispatch their fleet throughout Southern California, both to customer sites and between their three locations. They use it with their parts to ensure they’re getting the right parts for the right item. They use it to write contracts that everyone understands, quickly and easily. Point of Rental helps them manage every part of their business.

“It’s necessary for everything that we do,” said Parsons. “There’s a lot of functions and features built into it that are…it almost feels like they’re custom-built to us.”

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