Dozens of barricades in storage.


TBC Safety provides trench shoring, steel plates, traffic supplies, signs, and events equipment to businesses throughout Northern California. A woman-owned business, TBC Safety has been manufacturing and renting safety equipment and warning devices since 2000.


TBC Safety had previously used a very cumbersome software system that took a great deal of time and effort. Often, it would miscalculate inventory counts and the accounts receivable were a struggle to use. With only one support person on staff, their customer service often fell short with such a fast-paced environment.


They selected Point of Rental Software and increased efficiency with Contract Fulfillment and inventory control. The trench shoring industry equipment is very specific and has a very complex product line where several pieces are placed together and must be tracked separately. The simplicity of knowing where inventory is and being able to access it from several areas within Point of Rental Software has increased efficiency, assisted in training front counter employees, and also made it much easier to audit. The enhancements that Contract Fulfillment has provided have allowed the team organize and keep track of inventory in their complex product line. Training employees has been streamlined through Point of Rental Software and the 24-hour/7 day-a-week, friendly customer service support is extremely helpful. Point of Rental Software on-rent reports allows TBC Safety to email their clients weekly with a push of a button and consistently stay ahead and provide exceptional service.


TBC Safety has not only saved an entire employee and more, but due to the productivity Point of Rental Software provides for their team, they have hired more employees to keep up with their company’s growth. Gina Pippin stated, “Inventory loss has gone way down and it’s been a boon to the company, it’s made a big difference.” Point of Rental Software has allowed the team to service their clients better due to the streamlined processes the software provides and the incredible customer service.

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