Party Pro Rents and Fulfillment's Order Tracking

Party Pro Rents had challenges with their previous software – it would lag and often have incorrect information, which made the company look like they didn’t know what was going on.

Point of Rental helps them track tens of thousands of inventory items, manage a website, handle last-minute changes, and more. That allows Party Pro Rents‘ customer service to shine.

Video Transcript

You know, when you’ve got somebody in your store and you’re having software issues, it doesn’t really give you that much of a confidence in the company, you’re renting from. So going to Point of Rental really helps with that.

I love the reporting and the data that I can get from Point of Rental. The ability, like the mass – ’cause I mean, we’ve got a 23,000-line-item inventory – we’ve got an excessive amount, and you guys could handle that, no problem. And then the customer integration information. And then also the website. That was not a part of [our software] before, and now that’s all tied together. And just, the inventory with everything is seamless. It’s like, unpopular, but it’s like Apple. And it’s just nice to have, you know, from one to another, it works for us really well.

You’ve got clients that want to change stuff 36 hours before the event and it’s so easy to say, “Yeah, of course, absolutely. We’ll get it for you.” But then I look back at my staff in the warehouse and I’m thinking, “OK, well, what are – have they already prepped that? Have they cleaned it? Have they washed it and pressed it? Well, that’s not fair to them.”

So that fulfillment tab is amazing because I can go in and be like, “Oh, actually none of that’s even ready yet. So sure, we can absolutely change it,” or, “Hey, it is ready. My staff has done all this labor, so you are going to have to – we’re not going to just switch it. You’re going to pay a little bit extra.” We’re going to have a fee or something like that because it is within the 72-hour timeframe. But that fulfillment tab, it’s wonderful. And so any of the sales staff can go in and see, “Oh, it’s already on the truck. I can’t do anything. It’s left the house. There’s nothing we can do,” or “Yeah, actually we can.” So as far as that tab is, that’s a lifesaver for us. And it saves a phone call and it saves pulling somebody off of the heat press: “Hey, is this right?”

Well, let me go check them. It’s all right there again; Point of Rental to the rescue. I mean, as a whole, it’s just got everything. From order input, to sending it out, to dispatch, to Inventory counts, to – every department obviously runs off of it and I can’t really think of something that it doesn’t do.

It seems like there’s never an end to what I can find out about our products, about our team, about our staff. Like different things that we can do to make us better, you guys have pretty much already got the tools out there, and we can create it, and it’s there and done. And it just, it makes my life easier.

Every day, it makes my life easier. I love that. We have people that are, that genuinely have asked us that are smaller rental companies where we are, “Hey, is it worth it?” And because they’re scared, like, “I don’t know…”

…Yes, it’s worth it. ‘Cause you know what? You’re going to go to a certain competitor that we tried out and it’s not going to work out. And then you’re going to go to their competitor and you’re going to end up here.

I think we even at one time were like, “Eh, let’s dip our toes over here.” And we came back. Because you just – it’s unmatched. I mean, I know people get intimidated, but you won’t find anything else like it.

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