Chet's Rent-All & POR's User Community

Chet’s Rent-All used to use software that required multiple updates any time they wanted to change something, which would sometimes take “forever.” As a multi-location business, they needed a new solution that would work quickly.

Fortunately, their owner was in a group with several other Point of Rental users and Chet’s Rent-All started using the software, too. Along with the robust documentation and Point of Rental’s support, they were able to leverage those connections to get in-depth assistance and answers to all of their questions.

They found particular value in Mobile Workforce, which allows them to take condition photos on their phone that are immediately attached to the related contract, along with customer signatures. That’s dramatically reduced the amount of time spent arguing about damages.

Video Transcript

Some of the problems that we had with our previous system was the need for constant updates. We would want to change one thing and we would have to update the entire system rather than just updating a portion, which would sometimes take forever.

We were kind of in that spot – “Well, we’re going to need something soon.” And we’re going to need something that is user-friendly, because it’s going to be a quick process here. And we’re going to need to be able to roll into the new system as easily as possible.

Our owner was in a peer group with a lot of companies that used it, so there was a lot of word of mouth and there was a lot of kind of built-in people he could contact if he had an issue that that we needed to address because there were companies that have been on it for years.

I do a lot in file maintenance. Changing things, setting things up, Diana does all of our new equipment, sets all of that up, and I think when we were still in the process of, “OK, how do we charge for fuel, or how do we do this?” Being able to go into the NetHelp doc, figuring that out, between all of us figuring out how to tweak it and fine tune it to the way that we want to, we do have other people in our owner’s peer group now calling us, “Hey, How do you do this?” and they’ve been on the system for five, six years. We’ve been able to tweak it and figure out enough of it from the collective of people that we’ve got to really become the ingrained users in the system.

When we started using Mobile Workforce for our deliveries, being able to capture the e-signatures, being able to take pictures of the equipment on drop off – we would always take pictures before, somebody deletes them off their phone. It didn’t click a button right, somebody – “Oh, I don’t know.” Now, you take those pictures, they’re attached to the contract. That signature’s attached to the contract.

You know, there’s a lot of, “Oh, it was like that when I got it.” Let me go into the file here and pull up the picture. No, that was there, that wasn’t broke. It’s cut down a lot on arguing with customers about damage because we can just pull it up and, you know, when you put proof in somebody’s face, they can’t really argue with you against it. I think that’s a big, big advantage of using [Point of Rental] that we’ve found.

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