Tents for Rent, LLC


Tents for Rent was founded in 1972 by the Martin brothers as an extension of their auction business in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In 1984, Marlin Sensenig bought the company, focused it on tent rentals, and the company has been a family business since.


The only “problem” Tents for Rent had is that they’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance their business. Their previous software was OK, but the Sensenigs kept their eyes open to see what else was available. By 2012, they’d gotten to the point where they’d heard enough good things about Point of Rental that they checked it out for themselves.


Daryl and the team implemented Point of Rental’s Expert product. A trainer came to their location in Lititz, Penn. and helped get them set up and trained over a span of a couple days. Nearly all their data made it through the migration process, with only a little data input required, and since then, Tents for Rent hasn’t looked back.


“Ever since we made the switch, we’ve never regretted it,” Sales Team Leader Daryl Sensenig said.

Daryl expected an easy inventory tracking software, given Point of Rental’s history having been built by rental store owners – and he found it. But he also found things that help him create a great customer experience, like email templates that ensure customers are receiving the same messages each time.

He loves the rich access to his company’s data, from built-in reports to actually being able to pull data out and manipulate it to generate his own reports. He can manage Tents for Rent’s “super-complicated” price structure and analyze ROI and utilization reports to determine his best options for buying and selling items.

They’re even able to track customer conversion rates, tracking by type of customers to see what groups their sales team is especially effective with and where they need to adjust their approach to appeal to customers.

But for everything they love about Point of Rental’s software, the real reason they enjoy Point of Rental so much is the company’s 24/7 support team.

“I’ve never seen software support for any other software that’s as good as Point of Rental,” said Daryl. “That’s the No. 1 reason that we love Point of Rental.”

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