A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals


A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals has seven equipment rental stores throughout Northern California, providing tools for the do-it-yourselfer and contractors. Having been in business for more than 68 years, A Tool Shed is an RER 100 company that prides itself on its ability to provide great equipment and expert knowledge on its operation.


Their previous software wasn’t able to handle their multi-location setup – the A Tool Shed team couldn’t see inventory across stores and different-location pickups or drop-offs required a lot of additional coordination. It detracted from the company’s ability to provide exceptional customer service.


In 2002, A Tool Shed decided to trust Point of Rental with their business. They were one of the first multi-store locations to work with the company, giving them a lot of input into how Point of Rental handled the issues they faced.


Over the past 18 years, A Tool Shed has grown into one of RER’s 100 largest equipment rental companies in North America, and Point of Rental has grown into a global rental software provider.

A Tool Shed played a key role in the development of the software, learning along the way what was possible with software as Point of Rental continued to add more features to the software. Now they’re able to create a contract at one store and set it for pickup at another location, making their customers happier.

They’re able to track the information that’s important to their business and its continued development. They track call logs, customers along with their account customers to set up repeat rentals, follow-on opportunities, etc. The ROI and utilization reports help them determine where equipment should go, how much they should have, what to sell, what to buy, and more.

And as they continue to build, they know that Point of Rental is always listening, working on ways to help them achieve their goals.

“We were one of the earlier expanded companies that worked with Point of Rental,” said Morgan Hill Branch Manager David Peoples. “My favorite thing about them is that they listen. Sometimes…we call at the end of the day, and sometimes we get people in their homes who help us out. That service you don’t get anywhere else.”

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