Blue Tank & Pump Rental


Blue Tank & Pump Rental serves Kentucky and every state that borders it (plus North Carolina) from four locations with liquid storage and transfer solutions. The company specializes in bypass pumps, doing anything from moving municipal water to dewatering a pond.


The Blue Tank & Pump Rental team was pulling from paperwork, Excel, and a patchwork of software solutions to get the job done. This was requiring new people to be trained in several different programs and took a long time to get people up to speed. It also resulted in less accurate data, as sometimes paperwork wouldn’t get entered or transferred.


In 2017, the company joined the Point of Rental family, implementing our Expert product. As they saw more of what was available, they added Mobile Workforce, too. Their software allows them to work with their on-site teams quickly and easily.


Chris Preston, an operations manager at Blue Tank & Pump Rental, worked in the field when the company implemented Point of Rental. Since he got promoted and has been asked to use the software, he’s found it to be an invaluable tool.

“My favorite part about Point of Rental is the ease of navigation and simplicity of it,” Preston said. Because he’d been working on sites at the time, he hadn’t gone through the training that users typically get during an installation. When he had questions, Point of Rental’s support team was always there to guide him, either via phone or with a remote connection to his system.

The team on the road uses Mobile Workforce to send photos and other information back and forth to the office, allowing everyone to have visibility on what’s happening with equipment. It also provides additional opportunities to guide new hires.

Ever since he got the hang of it, Preston’s taken on more of a role in training people new to Blue Tank & Pump. “It’s easy for me to teach new hires what to do and how to use it.”

The ease of use benefits the company’s customers, as well. Repeat customers often ask for what they’d used on their previous jobs, and stored contracts tied to customer names allow the team to help them efficiently. They’re able to quickly see what inventory is available at all locations.

Overall, it gets their customers back on their job faster, saving time and money. “It doesn’t take as much time as it used to for us to help a customer, Preston said.

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