Special Occasions Parties & Events


Special Occasions Parties & Events is a second-generation, family-owned event rental business in Corvallis, Oregon. The company serves much of the Pacific Northwest, extending as far north as Seattle and working throughout the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley. With 20,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space, Special Occasions is nearly 10x the size it was when it was founded in 1986.


Then-manager (current President and CEO) Kyle Tegner realized that their all-paper records system wasn’t going to accommodate Special Occasions’ growth goals, so he began searching for efficient, easy-to-use rental software.


In 2008, Tegner and Special Occasions converted to Point of Rental. As they’ve grown, they add features that enhance functionality and streamline their operations. They’ve added Dispatch Center and Mobile Workforce. And Contract Fulfillment. And electronic signatures. And website integration. At every step, they’ve expanded their capabilities and their reach as a business.


One of the big benefits of Special Occasions’ conversion to Point of Rental has been the ability to go almost completely paperless. It’s simplified reporting and filing, saving his team time and money.

The software touches each aspect of Special Occasions’ operations – the main system manages their inventory and works with their website to generate online quotes. Deliveries and pickups are managed with Dispatch Center and sent to their mobile teams with Mobile Workforce, providing up-to-the-minute updates from the road without having to call into the office.

Fulfillment helps ensure there are no “second trips,” because everything associated with each rental is able to make it on the truck, without having to remind new staff to include certain items that don’t go on contracts.

“Point of Rental is invaluable to us,” said Tegner. “Scaling our business to the volume that it is wouldn’t be possible without Point of Rental.”

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