PortaPros provides clean, comfortable portable restrooms and sanitation solutions for the Treasure Valley region in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. It operates three brands in the region – Treasure Valley Toilets, Anytime Portables, and ABC Sanitation – all of which operate using the company’s principles of being clean, reliable, and local.


With three different brands and more than 200 services a day, PortaPros was using spreadsheets and paperwork to manage their routes. As they grew, it began to make it difficult to live up to their company principles, particularly reliability. Before it became an issue for customers, PortaPros went searching for a scalable solution.


PortaPros implemented Point of Rental Expert and paired it with Mobile Workforce to make site servicing easier and more efficient.


Implementing Point of Rental has helped PortaPros operate more efficiently, both at the counter and on servicing runs.

It helps keep their customers happy when talking on the phone: “When you’re dealing with construction people, they don’t want to be on the phone; they want to do their job,” James Sokoloski, a territory manager, said.

It helps keep their mobile teams on-time throughout their routes and allows them to get on-site condition photos, which helps ensure that everyone can see what sites looked like when their team arrived and left each time.

But what makes Point of Rental most valuable for the PortaPros team is how easy it is to use.

“You’re able to actually use it, even if you’ve never used it before,” Sokoloski said.

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