Big Ten Rentals - Mobile Workforce


Big Ten Rentals started in 1981 as a way to rent a spare compact refrigerator from the University of Iowa dorms. It’s since grown into a party, A/V, and interactive powerhouse with 40,000 square feet of inventory aimed at helping create memorable events throughout Iowa and neighboring states.


With 25+ deliveries a day to a service area that includes parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota, Big Ten wanted to be able to track their mobile team’s hours without requiring them to call and check in at their Iowa City location first.


They implemented Point of Rental’s Mobile Workforce app, which allows their team to easily clock in and out from the road. It also allows for realtime notifications of route updates from the office. Drivers can collect delivery signatures, and attach condition photos to verify tent and other equipment conditions upon delivery and pick-up.


As a manager, Tim Rogers would be happy even if all Big Ten Rentals got from Mobile Workforce is the ability to track clock-ins and clock-outs from the road.

The fact that every entry comes through on his end and he’s able to see who’s clocking in and out, where they’re doing it from, if an entry has been entered (or adjusted) by himself – it gives him the ability to know who’s working and where at a glance.

“Everything is just so user-friendly,” Rogers said.

He also loves that when he has an issue, Point of Rental’s support team is there to help 24/7.

“I’m always amazed that every time I call, I get a good answer – a quick answer,” he added.

Between Mobile Workforce, Big Ten’s other modules, and the main Point of Rental system, Rogers and the team at Big Ten Rentals know that they’re in good hands with software (and a software company) they can trust.

“I can’t imagine us running our business without it,” Rogers said.

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