With a location in Salina, Kansas, as well as three in Kearney, Grand Island and North Platte in Nebraska, Construction Rental Inc. serves the equipment rental needs of the middle of America’s heartland. Founded in 1962, the company is built on the principles of quality rental equipment and excellent customer service.


Construction Rental Inc. was searching for Windows-based rental software in 2005. Their prior software was difficult to use and they wanted software that would be easier to implement and train staff on. 


After a search for new software, they made the decision to use Point of Rental. Its ease of use has paid off not just with the staff that was there for the conversion, but for people they’ve added since.

“We’ve had employees come from other companies that weren’t using Point of Rental, and they think it’s so much easier, so much faster, so much more comprehensive than what they were using,” said VP Marynell Popst. 


Since implementing Point of Rental, every aspect of Construction Rental Inc.’s business has been influenced. 

“Point of Rental has done a really good job of making running a small business easier. They fill in a lot of the gaps that are difficult as a small business – easing credit card transaction security, taking care of integrating your website – and from an equipment standpoint, they track everything,” said Marynell. “It tracks your maintenance, your repairs, your customers and their history…we can have a customer come in and say, ‘You know, I rented a piece of equipment two years ago and we really loved it. Can we rent that again?’ We can easily go back into that customer’s history, find out when it’s available, and rent it to them.”

They use it not only to organize their operations internally, as well. 

“Our guys in the shop can easily prep for the next day’s activities. You can look at Day-at-a-Glance and say “We’ve got these 15 pieces of equipment going out tomorrow,” and, in advance, they can make sure everything’s clean, ready to go, and loaded on a trailer if that’s necessary. Point of Rental does a really good job of helping you look into the future and be prepared for when a customer comes in.”

Marynell appreciates Point of Rental’s customer service. When she calls in, she loves that she’s connected with a rental expert almost immediately. But what’s helped Construction Rental Inc. the most is probably Point of Rental’s commitment to innovation. 

“One of the things I really love about Point of Rental is that they’re really open to suggestions in development. I’ve been coming to [Point of Rental’s International Conference] for three years. Several of the things that people brought up in past years have been addressed,” she said. “They’re not issues anymore. That’s been a really great thing to see in a company – they listen to a response and make those changes.”

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