Inventory Tracking 101: Best Practices for Rental Businesses

An inventory counter within a rental store.

Efficient inventory tracking is critical to success in the rental industry. Whether you’re managing equipment rentals for construction projects or orchestrating memorable events, having a solid grasp on your inventory is the only way to meet your customers’ demands, maximize profits, and maintain a seamless operation. Why Inventory Tracking Matters If I ask you how […]

AI Says Your Rental Software Needs to Have These 10 Things

A web-based storefront for a rental business makes it easy for customers to see what you have available.

Choosing a rental management software can feel dangerous. Nearly everyone in the company interacts with the software in some way, so finding something that meets everyone’s needs can be challenging. A rental software checklist would help! You could make a list of everything each person in every department of your company needs, wants, and cares […]

Drive-Thru Rentals: How American Rental Sped Up Service

The front of American Rental's building in Morton, IL. Cars are parked outside the front and the first drive-thru sign is visible at the bottom.

Brad Kniep and his team at American Rental were frustrated with their equipment return process. Customers would return items wherever felt convenient. Items would need to be brought back to a location for inspection and servicing, refilling fuel, etc. Because equipment tends to have a low maximum speed, it could take 5-10 minutes to get […]

Record 2023 for Point of Rental’s RER 100 Reps

Congrats graphic for 2023 RER 100 listees

The 2023 RER 100 grew once again to another record high, all the way to $35.4 billion. Companies using Point of Rental helped lead the way, too! A record 18 companies on the list use Point of Rental to run their rental operations. Those companies averaged 31.0 percent growth in 2022, beating the RER 100 […]

Go Paperless: Why and How

Want to go paperless?

At nearly every rental industry event over the past couple of years, there’s a seminar or class or even maybe just a supplier, at their booth, trying to convince you: Go paperless! But why should you go paperless? And even if you decide that now’s a great time to make some changes to the way […]

The Future of Rental: Looking Ahead from a POR Perspective

A still of CEO Wayne Harris and Content Marketing Manager Brian Beaudry chatting in a webinar.

The future of rental can look different depending on who you ask. Since Point of Rental is always focused on building software that will support rental businesses of the future, we asked CEO Wayne Harris: What’s important now and in the near future, and what are we doing to help rental businesses handle those challenges? […]

Rental Software, Your Professional Conflict Manager

rental software helps facilitate resolution of rental conflict; a rental store owner is shown giving keys over to a contractor happily

There are two things we know about customers that have caused a lot of damage to an expensive item: It’s never their fault and they’re willing to argue about it for a long time. As a rental store owner, you’re constantly weighing whether it’s worth the effort – both in time and money – to […]

Keeping up with the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance

Plant & Hire Aide Alliance logo on a couple of images of boxes being sent for the convoy to support Ukrainian refugees

This month’s Front Porch guest is Joan McKinlay from our UK office, who participated in the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance‘s recent convoy to Slovakia to provide equipment and supplies to Ukrainian refugees. Since the full episode won’t be shared until after the next Plant & Hire Aid Alliance event takes place, we wanted to […]

Kiwi Hire Group Earns 3 HIANZ Awards

Kiwi Hire Group's Storefront

In August, the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand gathered in Christchurch to celebrate the successes of the previous year in the hire industry. Christine Potter and Kiwi Hire Group left the conference with THREE awards: The Company Image Award, the People and Culture Award, and New Zealand’s Hire Company of the Year (for companies […]

Celebrating Young Professionals: RM’s 12 To Watch Under 40 in 2022

12 to watch under 40 text on hexagon background

There’s no shortage of young, talented professionals in the rental industry in 2022, and Rental Management magazine has come out with their annual list of 12 to Watch Under 40. Congratulations to everyone on this year’s list: Casey Bisonet, Ben Blood, Erin Brochu, Stefanie Donabandian, Gina Glas, T.J. Hermesman, El Ioannou, Rob W. Pedersen, Alix […]