triBeing in the rental industry, you know it’s a constant juggling act to keep your business running efficiently. Every aspect from managing equipment and filling contracts, to dispatching orders and tracking operation status, has to come together in perfect synchronization. Having been in industry ourselves, we get that. That’s why Point of Rental is fully integrated with TSO Mobile GPS vehicle tracking and technology to bring an all-in-one solution to your dispatching duties and business management.

This means you can easily locate, schedule timely formations, and seamlessly dispatch your fleet. Working together with your Point of Rental Software, TSO Mobile provides much more than just GPS tracking. Check out some key benefits below:

  • Increased Security Integrated technology allows you to monitor driver’s behaviors. Speed limits, accelerations, braking, operational activities and route tracking are all great ways to assess driver performance in real-time, ensuring the safety of drivers and everyone else on the road. Asset management is also improved with vehicle tracking procedures to prevent permanent or unclear loss.
  • Mileage and Fuel Reduction With reports on vehicle speeding events, idling, fuel consumption activities, and data of misuse and damage, you have maximum control and insight on your fleet.
  • Operational Cost Reduction Real-time monitoring of activities such as vehicle uses, maintenance, driver behavior, fuel usage and hours of service help prevent unnecessary expenses, and provide a broad analytical view of total costs. Because of efficient use of fuel, mileage, and driver activity monitoring, you have an extra level of safety from neglectful activity.
  • Improved Dispatching This technology works together to provide key data used in work orders, dispatching, route planning and scheduling, and mobile app technology. The real-time updates keeps your operations running as smoothly and proactively as possible.
  • Positive Customer Service With the use of arrival, departure, pickup, delivery and equipment usage monitoring, rest assured that you can provide top-of-the-line customer satisfaction. Tracking of all operations and locations allow you to provide accurate deadlines and precise status updates to customers.

As good as you are at juggling, let us handle these details so you can get back to what truly matters. Contact us today to see how much this integration can do for you!