One of our most loved trainers, Earl Sherman, turned 30 in Point-of-Rental years this week! To celebrate his 30th anniversary working at the company is truly necessary. Earl has been an essential part of our family. From flying all over the world training customers to singing in our karaoke contests and decorating our offices with his unique brand of abstract art, Earl brings all kinds of talent to Point-of-Rental.

The day kicked off like any other day, sunny, 75 degrees (or was it 100 degrees?) and everyone all smiles. But when current Point-of-Rental owner and CEO, Wayne Harris, and previous owners, Bob Shaffer and Steve Husbands took Earl out for lunch, the preparations to celebrate started! Everyone put on a shirt with Earl’s face on it, hung banners, set out a sundae station and waited for his return.

Needless to say, Earl was quite surprised to walk into the office and find 50 people wearing his face on their shirts! There were plenty of speeches about Earl’s contributions over the years and some crazy stories shared about his years in the business, and then Earl was awarded with a Point-of-Rental duffel bag full of clues. After putting on his Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe, he was able to figure out that he was going on an all-expense paid trip to London, England!

We all want to be like Earl and can’t wait until we celebrate our 30-year work anniversary! With his genuine care for customers and love and knowledge of the business, Earl is a great example of who Point-of-Rental Software is. We don’t hesitate to say that Point of Rental would be what it is without Earl working diligently here for so long. Thirty years later, Earl is a true testament that being a team member at Point-of-Rental isn’t just a job, it’s a career.