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Building a Community and a Rental Company of the Year with Swan Hill Hire

Posted on July 14, 2017
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Stuart and Raelene King at Swan Hill Hire
In November 2015, Stuart and Raelene King acquired Swan Hill Hire and Nifty’s Auto Rentals in Australia. In May 2017, they were named the Hire and Rental Industry Association’s Rental Company of the Year (under $5 million). Both Kings credit Syrinx, Point of Rental's UK/AU-centred hire software, for helping them take off so quickly. Seated in Swan Hill, a city of about 10,000 people in the north of Victoria, Swan Hill Hire and Nifty’s Auto Rentals are geographically separated from Victoria’s ...Read More

ABC at 50: Rentals Come and Go, but Relationships Endure at South St. Paul’s ABC Rentals

Posted on June 7, 2017
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Joe Kellner and part of the early sales team at ABC Rentals enjoy grilling some meat in 1975.
  Today, the Twin Cities is full of family-run rental stores: The Pedersons run Highway 55 Rental. The Fitzgeralds are in charge at Hiawatha Ready Rents. The Hejny brothers own Hejny Rental, and brothers Rob and Tim Kellner continue to help ABC Rentals thrive nearly 50 years after their father, Joe, founded the company. It wasn’t always that way, however. Joe Kellner was 41 in 1967, and he was tired of working for local TV stations, doing camera and sound ...Read More

Technology to Empower Students in Guatemala

Posted on June 3, 2016
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point of rental software helps by donating technology
Almost two years ago, the Point of Rental Software team ventured to Guatemala to experience Distrito de Alto Rendimiento schools for impoverished children. DAR, translated to District of High Performance, not only teaches academics but develops the whole child in areas of health, nutrition, psychology, and community. The majority of DAR’s students come from families with monthly household incomes of less than $100. Often times, several family members will live in small, one room lean-tos with dirt floors and walls ...Read More

Community Building with Because You’re Loved

Posted on May 20, 2016
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point of rental software encourages community
There is a sense of community that resonates within Point of Rental Software. From a family-oriented work environment to outstanding customer support, it is easy to recognize how much our company believes that people matter. This is the driving force that inspires us to create software that continuously makes our customers’ lives easier. We then asked ourselves, “Why not share that attitude with every business in our office building?” That question sparked Dared to Love Week, a week-long event that ...Read More

Long Term Relationships or Short Term Profit in Your Company

Posted on April 12, 2016
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Point of Rental software talk about long term company profit
An Inside Look at a Company that Does It Best It was 11 am local time in Fort Collins, Colorado. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had arrived the night before with my family to celebrate my aunt’s baby shower and if planning an event 900 miles away wasn’t stressful enough, I had just realized we were about 15 chairs short. The guests would ...Read More

Climb, But Enjoy the View

Posted on March 4, 2016
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Point of Rental Software shows view from mountain climb
A number of years ago when visiting family in Alaska, we attempted to climb to the Harding ice fields or at least that was the plan. It is a four mile hike with 1000 foot rise of elevation with each mile. After several hours of hiking, you would see false summits. As you reached the “summit” you were disappointed to find the full height of the mountain still in front of you. You kept climbing to the next “summit” only again to realize that ...Read More

New Brand Reveal

Posted on December 22, 2015
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Point of Rental Software New Brand Reveal
Complete with New Logo, Colors, and Product Names, We Have a Whole New Look We're so excited that from Boston to Miami, and Minneapolis to San Diego, and internationally, our brand reveal video is being featured! Check out our brand reveal video here! For over 30 years, Point of Rental has built software that has changed the industry. Now, we are changing things again by differentiating our products to provide an even more targeted level of service to our customers. Complete with a new ...Read More

Secrets of Success for Providing Superior Customer Service

Posted on December 9, 2015
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Customer service is the foundation to any successful business. Even with the best products out there, without exceptional customer service, odds are the company won’t survive long-term. Customer service goes beyond doing what is necessary for a customer to truly caring about the customer, their business, and the people around you. At Point-of-Rental, that’s our lifeblood. We recognize that no matter how great our software is, our business depends on how well we care for our customers. In our offices, ...Read More

Celebrate Earl’s 30 Years with Point of Rental Software

Posted on August 21, 2015
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Point of Rental software takes a picture to celebrate Earls 30 year anniversary
One of our most loved trainers, Earl Sherman, turned 30 in Point-of-Rental years this week! To celebrate his 30th anniversary working at the company is truly necessary. Earl has been an essential part of our family. From flying all over the world training customers to singing in our karaoke contests and decorating our offices with his unique brand of abstract art, Earl brings all kinds of talent to Point-of-Rental. The day kicked off like any other day, sunny, 75 degrees ...Read More

Growth: Point of Rental Expands Offices

Posted on July 28, 2015
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Point of Rental Software cuts ribbon to reveal our new space and growth
Recently, Point-of-Rental Software CEO, Wayne Harris, wrote a blog about the purpose and definition of success ( Most companies and entrepreneurs measure success by growth in company size; however, Wayne contends that customer service is the true driving force behind a successful company and growth is the natural by-product and evidence of that. Since the beginning of Point-of-Rental Software, our focus has always been you, our customers, and the growth of our company shows that care! We truly strive to ...Read More
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