Celebrating a Point of Rental Legend: Earl Sherman

Earl Sherman at his final ARA Show in October 2021

This time, it’s for real: Oct. 29, 2021 marks the final day of legendary implementation specialist Earl Sherman’s long tenure at Point of Rental, as he officially retires on his birthday, Oct. 31. As Earl’s never really been one to celebrate himself, we thought we’d highlight some of the changes that have happened during the […]

Point of Rental: Now Doing More With Les

Les Bunce, Account Manager

“Do you want a job?” Self-employed at the time, recently married, not enough on his books to secure a mortgage, a young Les Bunce left his business as a mechanic and re-joined the business he’d started at as a Saturday boy when he was 13 years old. Originally, the deal was that he’d return for […]

Point of Rental Gets EPIC

Point of Rental's EPIC acronym helps remind readers of the company's core values: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring.

The following is an article from our upcoming To the Point Magazine, which will be available at the Point of Rental booth (#4111) at the ARA Show in February. Point of Rental has grown from 15 to 50 to 150 employees in the last few years, and when a company experiences that kind of growth, […]

2018’s POR Employees of the Year are EPIC

Jesse Adams and Kelly Earp were named Point of Rental Employees of the Year in the U.S. and U.K., respectively.

In 2018, we introduced a simpler, memorable set of core values to help guide new Pointers as they integrate into our culture. Point of Rental employees are EPIC: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring. 2018’s Employees of the Year* epitomized those values. So we tried to find out a bit about what makes them tick. What […]

Building a Community and a Rental Company of the Year with Swan Hill Hire

Stuart and Raelene King at Swan Hill Hire

In November 2015, Stuart and Raelene King acquired Swan Hill Hire and Nifty’s Auto Rentals in Australia. In May 2017, they were named the Hire and Rental Industry Association’s Rental Company of the Year (under $5 million). Both Kings credit Syrinx, Point of Rental’s UK/AU-centred hire software, for helping them take off so quickly. Seated in […]

Technology to Empower Students in Guatemala

point of rental software helps by donating technology

Almost two years ago, the Point of Rental Software team ventured to Guatemala to experience Distrito de Alto Rendimiento schools for impoverished children. DAR, translated to District of High Performance, not only teaches academics but develops the whole child in areas of health, nutrition, psychology, and community. The majority of DAR’s students come from families […]

Community Building with Because You’re Loved

point of rental software encourages community

There is a sense of community that resonates within Point of Rental Software. From a family-oriented work environment to outstanding customer support, it is easy to recognize how much our company believes that people matter. This is the driving force that inspires us to create software that continuously makes our customers’ lives easier. We then […]

Long Term Relationships or Short Term Profit in Your Company

Point of Rental software talk about long term company profit

An Inside Look at a Company that Does It Best It was 11 am local time in Fort Collins, Colorado. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had arrived the night before with my family to celebrate my aunt’s baby […]

Climb, But Enjoy the View

Point of Rental Software shows view from mountain climb

A number of years ago when visiting family in Alaska, we attempted to climb to the Harding ice fields or at least that was the plan. It is a four mile hike with 1000 foot rise of elevation with each mile. After several hours of hiking, you would see false summits. As you reached the “summit” you were […]