Wyoming Cat becomes 1500th Point-of-Rental Software Installation

Point-of-Rental™ Systems, a software company that develops Windows®-based rental management software, recently installed their 1500th system in a Wyoming Cat Rental Store. The installation was part of Wyoming Rents’ company-wide software conversion of all seven rental locations throughout Wyoming. Of Point-of-Rental’s 1500 system installations, over 500 have resulted by converting customers from competing software programs.

In business for nearly 30 years, the software company has installed systems throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the Caribbean, South Africa, and Guam. For most of the past three decades, Point-of-Rental catered mainly to the general rental, tool and party rental stores, with heavy equipment, lift equipment, and a/v equipment rental stores adding a broad portion of the sales over the past five years. Now, even niche markets are installing Point-of-Rental software, bumping the number of Point-of-Rental™ Systems installed in 2011 to a record 30% higher than the prior 2010 selling season.

The company’s vice president of sales, Greg Bennett, predicts another record year for 2012 with the number of installations already 20% higher than last year. “As our programmers continue to churn out innovative, flexible software applications that are fine-tuned to the workings of the rental industry, more and more companies find that Point-of-Rental is the best tool to manage all aspects of the rental business,” Bennett said.

While the rebounding economy within the rental industry certainly deserves some credit for the company’s record number of installations and conversions, Bennett claims that Point-of-Rental sales remained unaffected by the downturn. “The hallmark of our software is in helping customers realize higher ROI no matter the state of the economy,” said Bennett. “Even in a depressed economy, customers need to become more efficient, increase profits, and increase share in their individual markets, and Point-of-Rental provides the tools to do that.”.

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