Ah, social media. You likely use at least one social network on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family, right? In many ways, its changed the way we communicate and connect today, and the power of the social space certainly extends further than our high school friend group. Smart companies realize that social media is a powerhouse for advertising, making valuable connections, and humanizing their brand. Yet there are still some people who believe these misconceptions: “Social media is a waste of time”, “Nobody cares about social in the rental industry” or “It doesn’t do anything to help my business.” But in reality, social isn’t a waste of time because it will help your business, and there are definitely companies in the rental industry excelling on social.

Let me ask this – do you use Facebook on your phone? What about Twitter? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Perhaps even an Instagram or Pinterest account? If you nodded your head to any one of these, you’re a part of more than 1.7 billion people using social media today1. Yes, that’s billion, with a “b”. With that large of a pool of people you could potentially reach, is there any reason not to use social media in your marketing efforts?

In my free time, I’m a photographer, so­­­­ my favorite platform is Instagram. For those who may be unfamiliar with this app, it’s a social channel where users share only photos and videos. I use it for inspiration, and mainly follow accounts that post interesting photos. That having been said, it’s natural to assume I would only follow photographers, right? Actually no. I follow companies and brands that post relatable and inspiring pictures. In fact, after about five months of following a camera bag company on Instagram, I decided to purchase one of their fairly expensive products. All because of their social media account! I love travelling, and they convinced me, without being pushy, that this bag was perfect for my needs. Here’s the catch though: I never would have known about their bags if they didn’t have a profile on Instagram, if they weren’t actively posting photos, and if I didn’t follow them.

I share this personal example to demonstrate the power of social media in a consumer’s eyes. If you, as a company, are posting interesting, engaging content on your social platforms that they find value in, people will take notice, like, comment, and share your business with their friends. That’s essentially free advertising! Below, I’ve included several social media statistics that further communicate the value social has for businesses.


While many rental companies are just starting to engage with their customers via social media, a bit of research has shown that a few of our customers in the Party/Event and Tool/Equipment industries are succeeding in the social space. Stay tuned for my next post that details tips, tricks and advice from these businesses!


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