Syrinx Powers SkyJacks' Powered Access Hire


Since 1978, SkyJacks has been a leading provider of powered access solutions in South Africa and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The company works in the power and energy, building and construction, mining, industrial and commercial maintenance, and warehousing and aviation industries to provide safe and efficient working at height solutions.


The system they were using had two problems that hurt in two ways: First, it was limited, not providing the functionality they needed. Second, it was bespoke – if they wanted to add any functionality within the software, they’d need to invest heavily in development every time they wanted to add features.


When you’re looking for software that’s able to handle anything a hire company faces and is constantly innovating, you’ll run across Point of Rental at some point. Managing Director Alistair Bennett and the SkyJacks team determined that Syrinx would give them the features they were looking for and Point of Rental would be a great partner for the future and they implemented the program in 2020.


In a few short months, Point of Rental has helped SkyJacks:

Reduce paperwork.
Being able to use the Workshop, Driver, and Sales apps have helped SkyJacks on the road to eliminating paper delivery notes and job cards. This makes recordkeeping much easier and gives their management more accurate, up-to-date information as they access reports in the software.

Run their workshop.
Skyjacks’ management team has unprecedented visibility into their service and repair costs. They’re able to manage workshop costs and breakdown response times more efficiently and track their technicians’ progress on an individual basis.

Manage their sales staff.
“We’re still in the process of extracting value from the system, but it’s already helping us measure the effectiveness of our sales efforts throughout the process, from prospect acquisition to quote conversion rates and sales revenue,” Bennett said.

See critical data.
“[Point of Rental has] really increased my visibility into the workshop and sales aspects of our business,” said Bennett. “With the Power BI dashboards, I can quickly see how we’re doing on quoting, breakdowns, prospect acquisition, and the like.”

More than the software, SkyJacks is happy that they have a partner there to support their business. Much of the implementation phase for SkyJacks got taken care of during a COVID lockdown, which made things particularly challenging. Despite the difficulty of conditions, the implementation was successful and, according to Bennett, SkyJacks learned how effective video conferencing can be.

And the support has continued after implementation, as well.

“The whole process from initial contact with Point of Rental through to training, implementation and ease of use of the system has been tremendously positive,” Bennett said. “We would strongly recommend Syrinx and Point of Rental to anyone in the equipment rental industry.”

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