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Rooney’s Hire are renowned throughout Southern Africa for their customer service, can-do attitude, skilled staff, and their inventory of infrastructure hire equipment. The company originated in Zimbabwe and opened its doors in Zambia in 2004.


Back in 2015, Rooney’s were using an unstable in-house programme that was missing an adequate stock scheduling system. As you can imagine, that required their skilled staff to be even more skilled just to overcome the system’s shortcomings.


In 2016, they visited the ARA Show in the United States and discovered Point of Rental. The comparison was “chalk and cheese,” with Expert being able to handle all the things their previous software couldn’t. It provides accurate reports and is backed with excellent support, as well.


Expert has made the lives of the Rooney’s Hire team immeasurably easier since implementation.

Jono Sykes, Rooney’s finance director, highlighted five main benefits, particularly for his role:

  1. It’s much easier to write quotes.
  2. Rooney’s can schedule stocks more quickly and accurately, planning ahead for anticipated shortages.
  3. The system is much more stable, never letting them down.
  4. It’s a great assistant in the delivery and collection process, never letting an assignment slip by.
  5. Reporting is incredibly helpful, particularly in tracking revenue, helping find debtors, and controlling stock.

“Support is great, but we haven’t needed it so much due to how stable and easy to use the software is,” said Sykes. “We love the training module and the Help feature is incredibly detailed.”

In fact, the software has helped the company so much that they’re moving to the company’s Elite software to take advantage of Elite’s multicurrency functionality and the ability to access their software via the web.

If you’re one of Rooney’s competitors, though, you didn’t see this case study. 🤫

“We’ve told various companies in the region about Point of Rental, but we don’t discuss you with direct competitors locally – we need any advantage we can get.” Sykes said.

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