Gwynedd Forklifts loaded truck

Gwynedd Forklifts: Finding the Right Software Fit


Gwynedd Forklifts are a material handling and powered access hire/maintenance company established in 1986. They have two depots – one in Conwy, North Wales and the other in Oswestry, Shropshire, supporting projects throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Offering sales, repair, servicing, parts, and hire for anything from a small pallet truck to a 12,000kg forklift or from a 19ft electric scissor lift to a 135ft boom, they tackle tonnes of tasks daily.


To be honest, according to Thomas Hutin, Gwynedd’s Hire Coordinator and IT Liaison, they didn’t really have many problems. They were just looking for the right software to accommodate their hire, workshop, and accounts teams at the same time.


Armed with the recommendations of other powered access professionals in the area, Hutin and the team at Gwynedd checked out Point of Rental, particularly the company’s Syrinx product. While the implementation process seemed daunting at first, “the Syrinx support teams are there with you every step of the way making sure you get everything you need.”


According to Hutin, Point of Rental is simpler, better, and more efficient than what they’d been using before.

Customer service and business relations have increased greatly. It’s easy to find the necessary information quickly, leading to quick resolutions and enhanced customer service. The ability to handle requests accurately and swiftly has helped Gwynedd grow massively.

As a hire coordinator specifically, Point of Rental has provided Hutin “far too many benefits to list. The Syrinx mobile applications make my job the easiest as it means I can manage my drivers quickly and appropriately. This is quickly followed up by how easy it is from the start of a quotation to the end of a contract. Everything is simple, effective, and clean with Syrinx.”

Beyond the software, though, Hutin appreciates that Point of Rental isn’t just a software vendor, but a partner.

“We feel respected. We are always asked our opinion on what we suggest would make the system better, and 9 times out of 10, these are implemented at a later date. We get nothing but satisfaction working with Point of Rental.”

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