Botany Access team with access equipment

Botany Access: Increased Efficiency, Mobile Accessibility


Botany Access has Sydney’s largest privately-owned fleet of access equipment for hire. With scissor lifts, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, cherry pickers, forklifts, and telescopic handlers, they’re able to help with any access or material handling needs on a site.


When you have Sydney’s largest privately-owned access hire fleet, you have a lot of equipment to look after. Botany Access needed a hire software that would manage not only all the departments in their business, but equipment as it traveled between their depots in other states.


Director John Medland and others from the Botany Access team were visiting a trade show and happened upon the Point of Rental booth. Upon seeing Syrinx and its mobile offerings, they knew it would fit their business perfectly.


In 2019, they implemented Syrinx and haven’t looked back.

The ability to track down everything that’s happened, from an item’s location to who last handled it, has enhanced Medland’s life immeasurably. Machines no longer disappear; the paper trail shows who last interacted with the equipment or the record.

The Botany team particularly appreciates Point of Rental’s various apps. Electronic signatures have increased customers’ satisfaction, and it’s not all about contactlessness – it helps both parties figure out if there are any issues with a deal before the contract even starts, making pickups and deliveries a much smoother process.

Syrinx’s Driver app has not only improved driver efficiency by 10%, but it’s almost eliminated customers’ refusal to pay for damages they cause. Drivers are required to take photos of equipment as it’s delivered and as it’s picked up, so there’s always evidence of what’s happened while in a customer’s care.

Workshop App has increased Botany Access’s workshop efficiency 20%. Medland is able to track his sales team’s results by rep. It integrates with Xero, their accounting software. All in all, the software has aided in expanding Botany Access’ business.

As much as the software has helped Botany Access, though, the relationship between the company and Point of Rental has been better. From a knowledgeable implementation team helping set them up to a support team that’s available and answering their calls, their experience has been great.

When asked what he’d advise others in the industry were they to look for new software to manage their hire business, Medland got straight to the point: “Use Point of Rental and Syrinx.”

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