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Story Contracting's Management Made Easier With Syrinx


Story Contracting is a privately-owned, award-winning infrastructure company with regional offices throughout England and Scotland. They’re one of Britain’s fastest-growing companies, but they measure success by safety, quality, customer satisfaction and respect. The company’s motto, “Do It Right,” applies to their team, their clients, and their supply chain.


Since adding the Plant division 25 years ago, Story Contracting has been using a patchwork of solutions across the company based on division needs – spreadsheets, Word documents, several different financial systems, etc. With reporting unable to take all data into account, forecasting was made difficult, and company leadership recognised that they needed comprehensive software in order to continue to “Do It Right” as the company continued to grow.


As of August 2020, Point of Rental’s Syrinx product brings all of Story’s data into one system, dramatically reducing the amount of data entry and making forecasting much more efficient.


Andrew Reed, who was Story’s Business Improvement Manager/Project Manager for the software transition, is now a Regional Manager in the company.

In his new role, Syrinx is already making everything easier. He’s able to forecast across the entire business, seeing availability across depots. Critical data is aggregated into one place, giving him a bird’s-eye view of the business for decision-making, but he can still get down into the details when necessary.

For example, if he’s checking on a particular machine, he can quickly and easily see the machine’s history and future jobs assigned, instead of sorting through dozens of spreadsheets arranged by week.

Syrinx automates the handling of machine certifications, which used to require updating information across 40 separate spreadsheets to mark each machine out of circulation as required.

“We’ve tried other systems in the past to bring everything together and we’ve never been able to achieve this,” said Reed. “Point of Rental is the first system that has supported everybody moving to the same system.”

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