North London Plant Hire has been operating for more than 100 years, starting out as a window-cleaning business that moved into hiring out ladders, then lifts, and now hire all manner of plant and tool equipment. NLPH operates from its headquarters in the London borough of Hackney and its new branch in Brimsdown/Enfield.


While their Syrinx software had performed admirably in replacing the company’s old DOS-based system, NLPH wanted to be more productive. They needed ways to get information from their drivers and engineers into the system more quickly and accurately.


Fortunately, there was no need to go searching for a new software system again – Point of Rental’s Workshop, Driver, and eSign products provide mobile employees with a connection to Syrinx no matter where they are.


For Director Paul Huckstep, the increased ability to organise transport runs “on the fly” results in not only a much more transparent transport process, but to one of the best things for a business: “Being able to say ‘yes’ to orders a lot more.”

Implementations were straightforward and NLPH are getting along nicely with the software. Their team uses tablets to manage inspections and repairs, deliveries and collections. The ability to take condition photos at each stage of the process has proven invaluable in determining who is liable for damages; with before and after photos, customers are unable to use the old canard “It was that way when we got it.”

All in all, Syrinx’s continued development and additional apps have empowered NLPH as they pursue their next 100 years.

When asked if he had any advice for someone looking for software, Paul left it at this: “Use Point of Rental if you want a straightforward solution.”

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